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Why QC Centre?

Quality is the key point of a company’s long-term existence. Quality control ensures you to deliver quality products, which is immensely helpful in attracting more customers and thereby increasing sales.

Outsourcing your quality control to QC Centre brings you peace of mind whilst doing business with manufacturers abroad. We provide various quality inspections to make sure your products have the desired quality and therefore satisfy your customer’s needs.

With over 14 years of experience, we’ve worked with big, medium, and small companies to provide them with checkups and inspections at manufacturers all over the world. Our local presence at the best sources for purchasing combined with the local presence worldwide for delivering and selling, distinguish us from the rest.

Our mission is to be the best China quality control agency platform in premium quality electronics due creating the best sustainable relationship with our partners.


QC Centre is trusted by customers from over more than 10 countries.


Our quality inspection avoids product problems which reduces RMA’s.


Strictest QC processes, customer return rate below 0.9% and a faulty rate below 3%.


Quality warranty of a 6 to 12 month period guaranteed


We provide fast delivery, lead and customer service response times.


QC Centre has more than 14 years of experience.