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In the spotlight: the partnership between QC Centre and LOQED

In the spotlight: the partnership between QC Centre and LOQED

QC Centre has been working together with LOQED for some time, who indicated that their experience with QC is very positive. From quality check to transportation and more: QC Centre takes a lot of the worry out of LOQED’s hands.

The introduction of LOQED’s keyless lock to the market

LOQED: the LOQED Touch is an innovative smart lock that opens your door with one single touch. The use of physical keys is a thing of the past thanks to the LOQED Touch To Open technology. As you approach the door, your phone connects to the lock via Bluetooth. Simply touch the lock and the door will automatically open. No more fumbling with your keys and no need to get your phone out of your pocket.

After 4 years of adjusting until perfection was achieved, LOQED launched on the market in 2020. The idea of inventing a “keyless lock” came from Pierre van den Oord. He convinced Jeroen van Oorschot of his idea and both founders started working on creating a lock that opens with your smartphone. A business plan was written, demo models were created, and pitches were held. Investors became involved and that is where LOQED’s success took off.

How the collaboration between QC Centre and LOQED formed

LOQED's success continued in October 2021 when Michel Lieffering (Consultant and Industry Expert) took office as CEO and investigated how to accelerate LOQED's growth. In the first quarter, Michel approached QC Centre, with whom he already had some good past experiences. Him and co-founder Jeroen agreed on starting a cooperation because QC gave them insights that were difficult to discover on their own. QC Centre became the international provider for fulfilment and sourcing services that LOQED was looking for.

The 100% quality control check of the mechanical metal parts that came out of production provided impressive insights, which led to a change of metal supplier. In this process, QC Centre helped LOQED tremendously, according to Jeroen and Michel. The LOQED keyless lock works with Bluetooth but can also be opened remotely because it is connected to the internet. Therefore, the lock has the highest achievable security rating. These characteristics are closely monitored by QC Centre.

How QC Centre will continue to participate in future plans of LOQED

As LOQED expands into physical retail in the last quarter of 2022, a completely new packaging concept and store display have been produced by the QC team in China. The new packaging concept and displays will enhance the distinctive positioning. “The QC team is a fantastic advisor in the production process in many ways, they are our eyes and ears in the far East” say Jeroen and Michel.

In the course of August, the production of a large new batch that will be provided with the new packaging starts. “It is a very assuring feeling that QC Centre ensures that everything is sent to the Netherlands, thoroughly checked and in perfect condition”. Besides the quality check, the transport from Asia to the Netherlands is also supervised by QC Centre.

For LOQED, 2022 is all about expanding distribution in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany through distributors to online and physical retailers. In addition to the new, distinctive packaging, LOQED will introduce a black version of the smart lock later this year. Expanding the range with accessories, such as exterior door fittings with built in touch are also noted on LOQED 2022’s agenda.

What will follow in 2023 is the expansion into more countries, as well as expansion into other market segments such as the construction industry. The most important development in 2023 will be the introduction of a mechanically operated lock, with all distinguishing features of the LOQED Touch.

Rob Wierenga (Business Development Manager QC Centre): “Of course, QC Centre will continue to work diligently together with LOQED. By ensuring that LOQED delivers quality products to customers, they will attract more customers and thus experience growth. QC Centre will continue to perform a comprehensive quality check for LOQED and will continue to ensure that transport from Asia to The Netherlands runs smoothly. We at QC are proud of this cooperation and hope to work together for many years to come”.

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