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Factory sourcing

QC Centre searches for the best supplier that meets your company’s objectives. We review current and new factories for sourcing, comparison & factory audits and find the best solution for your requests. You will quickly have a complete profile of the facility’s quality systems, workplace environment and capabilities in compliance with your standards.

First product check

At the very start of the production, we check the process to guarantee that everything is aligned with your requirements. Products are checked with regulations, standards and contractual agreements. This way, we ensure that your specifications are understood by the factory and potential flaws can be detected at an early stage. Where necessary, adjustments are made.

During production check

we are continuously checking and monitoring the production process. On behalf of your company, we send our trained quality engineers to carry out the desired inspections. If needed, we instantly take action to make sure that the process carries on in the most optimal way possible. This guarantees the required quality and ensures the agreed-on delivery time.

Pre-shipment inspection

Inspections at the beginning as well as continuous checks during the production process are incredibly important, but do not guarantee a final product that meets all conditions and requirements. Therefore, we carry out thorough ultimate product inspections before loading and shipping the goods.

Container loading check

During the shipment process, while the products are being loaded into the containers, your products will be supervised by our inspectors. This ensures that all your ordered goods are actually being loaded, that your products are loaded in a careful and proper way and that the containers will be shipped safely.


Transport from China is not always easy because very specific rules apply. QC Centre works with local partners and can therefore ensure a smooth settlement of your shipment and customs administration. For our customers, we can get shipments to all corners of the world at the best competitive rates.

QC Process