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Negotiating Terms and Conditions

It can be complicated setting up terms and conditions with Asian suppliers. Things like language and cultural differences are often seen as barriers to keep in mind when negotiating with Chinese suppliers. QC can act as your right hand when going through these processes, either by supporting, setting up direct agreements between you and the supplier, or using us as the intermediate to manage all controls.

All parties involved should agree on terms and conditions, therefore we ensure that you are involved in the whole process. Close contact and clear communication are of great importance to us. Before we take any action, we make sure that you’ve agreed on doing so while keeping you updated on all details. 

Part of the sourcing process is the so-called request for quotation (RfQ). Here, we ask for an estimation of the costs charged by the supplier. The request for quotation stage precedes the negotiation stage, after which all parties will negotiate to come to a final offer with definite terms and conditions.